March 29, 2013

Getting started

My job description:
Wife, mom, grandmom, sister - these are the jobs that make my life a good one
Cook, go-fer, bookkeeper, general domestic - necessary, but not much fun
Acorn TV fanatic, certifiable nature starer, dedicated mystery reader - keep me going
Writer - I thought this was a hobby, but it's become a job!
And now, just as I am realizing I have no time for anything else, I feel the need to become a blogger.

Let me start with saying that when my husband, Tom, retired I had dreams of travel and dining in exotic places. We managed Florida a couple of times and a lovely week in Ireland. The novelty of unlimited time wore off and we fell into a routine. We had grandchildren. Well, not so much had - we certainly didn't do the heavy lifting - as were given two beautiful grandchildren; Storm, a wonderful boy who came to us ready-made with the marriage, and Sophia, a beautiful girl who was born in order to keep Ninnie and Pop young and wear us out at the same time.

Tom had his hobbies and I had family. I decided I needed another outlet. Tom dared me to write a book and I did. I wrote a cozy little mystery called Roses and Daisies and Death, Oh My! which I self-published as an eBook. It was all very relaxed and decidedly non-professional.

And then Intrigue Publishing made me an offer. I signed with them in December and became an actual professional author. Thanks to immense help from my son, Matt, the new, improved, edited Roses and Daisies and Death, Oh My! will be released in paperback and as an eBook December 1, 2013. Wow!

But now, of course, I need to work at promotion. At this, I am not good. I am not comfortable. And I sometimes feel that I'm just too damned old. But I'll give it a go. Blogging was suggested. This is something I have yet to understand fully. I mean it took me about an hour to figure out what a URL address is (thank God for my very patient daughter, Rachel).

I want to thank another Intrigue author, D. B. Corey, for pointing me in the right direction. His blogs echo so closely what I've been feeling that I figure I might be able to make this work, too. So here is the first installment of a weekly blog in which I hope to explore just how I can manage birthday cakes, babysitting, mentoring, grocery shopping, staring out the window, playing Words with Friends, fixing dinner, hosting wonderful company, caring for our ward, paying the bills and keeping up with Nashville, while at the same time turning out the next Daisy&Rose mystery.


  1. Good start! It'll get maybe not easier, but more repetitious. ha! Hit all the sites, it'll keep you busy. GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie - coming in August

  2. Whew! You say you're retired but I got tired just reading all you do. But I think you're on the right track with the blog. Just tell everyone you know to read it and you'll develop quite an audience.

    And having read Roses & Daisies and Death, Oh My! I REALLY don't want anything to stop you from finishing the next one.

  3. And you're on your way. Don't concern yourself about tekky things you aren't familiar with. You'll figure them out as necessary. I just made a comment on the Google+ thingamaob at the bottom, and now I don't now where it went. ;-)

    Whaddaya gonna do?

    TTU soon.

  4. I thought I had pressed send, but I guess I didn't, huh? But I am so impressed and very glad that DB was able to suggest and point you in the right direction. Way to go DB Corey! Everyone is right and the best part is, if you feel that you have a lot to say on one day, you can always schedule your post ahead of time, that's what I do and I love it! Welcome to the blogging world Penny, I can't wait to see if Rose or Daisy or maybe Malcolm have something to say on your blog. What fun