April 11, 2013

Time Management and the slightly ADD

I totally identify with that email that goes around now and then about the woman who goes to the kitchen in the morning, pours milk on her cereal, sees her car keys, remembers the bag of fruit she left in the car, dashes outside to get it, notices the dog's paws are muddy, turns on the hose to rinse the dog, but sees that the petunias are drooping, turns to water them, glances at her watch and realizes how late she is. With car keys in hand she hops into the car and leaves for work. On her way home she smells something very odd the whole drive. She remembers the bag of fruit - really hot bananas. Upon arriving at her little castle she finds the front door open, the hose still running, the petunias washed away, the dog rolling in the mud, and a bowl of disgusting mush sitting on her counter attracting flies.

That's me. Although I have no dog and the cats wouldn't let me near them with a hose. Just a minute...Sorry. I'm back. Had to put in a load of laundry. Trying to find the time to write, even just a Friday blog, is quite a challenge for me. I hear the mailman... No very large check from the Maryland Lottery. Perhaps tomorrow.

Today I've been pretty focused. I managed breakfast and a trip to the salon for a haircut uninterrupted...I've got to get my iced tea. Where was I? Today. Yes, I started a craft project, a cute little cigar box jewelry box, but got sidetracked looking for feet and ate lunch instead. I read a book with lunch and realized I really need to be writing something. So I started a short story for Intrigue Publishing's September conference. However, while I was at the computer I stopped to check something on my health insurance's website. Which reminded me to call my daughter regarding my own website which is in need of an update.

Meanwhile, ever present in my mind is that four letter word - Dinner! Yes, I can count, but anyone who has made dinner most every night for going on forty-two years knows what I mean. It's always there, lurking in my head. But dinner or not I have left my character, Angela Delphinium Forrest, standing on a street corner in Annapolis with her dog, Percy, and it's really chilly! And she's just getting over the flu. I need to get them home.

But the short story isn't due for while, and I've promised myself I'd blog every week. So I'll work on the blog. Excuse me, if I don't make the bed now, I'll forget and my husband will just fall asleep on the mattress cover.

I'm back. Now, iron will! I will get Angela and Percy off that corner before they are arrested for vagrancy or worse! I have absolute certainty that they will be well on their way home by five o'clock this afternoon. But first, just let me put the sheets in the drier and give my son a call. He's not feeling well.  Okay. Back to work. Right after I trim this hangnail that's bugging me silly.


  1. Anonymous4/11/2013

    Oh, that sounds... dinner timer is going off! ...
    I'm back for one minute. Yes, I read this and decided I wanted to comment on it and then of course went off on a research safari about OpenID, which I think I am using at the moment now.

    Anyway, you made me smile :)

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    1. see...I forgot that I was already writing a post....good grief..so I had to delete this one.

  3. Ok, so apparently I am NOT the only one....wait....ok, I'm back...I had to answer an email from my other 3 accounts and then I saw that the mailman was outside. After talking to him for five minutes I came in and saw that the cat was eyeing me very suspiously. I guess having the can of food only open 1/2 way wasn't enough for her to get her breakfast. Now what was I suppose to be doing again. Oh, that's right, checking my Facebook page and stepping onto my soapbox. But first I need to finish my term paper and then I need to text my co-worker and tell her the check out my blog. Now what was it I was suppose to be doing....

  4. Reading this great blog... and wonderful comments... it is amazing that either of you is able to turn out the beautiful prose I've seen from you. But I can relate to all of it, except that, being male, I always have someone else telling me what I need to do next.

  5. Yes! Why I write notes or I'd remember nothing. Absolutely nothing. GirlZombieAuthors

  6. Multitasking. It should be defined as doing so many things at the same time that nothing really gets done.

    I hear you sister. We all need an extra pair of hands and a 25-hour day. But as far as your blog goes (See? You thought I was doing you a favor by helping you get started, didn’t you?), you can always do what the rest of us do.

    Host someone ELSE’s blog.

    And speaking of that, mind if I borrow this one?