April 27, 2013

Interview with Daisy Forrest Greene

Penny’s had a week! So I'm filling in for her today. Oh, I’m Daisy Greene. My sister and I own a lovely little gift shop called Champagne Taste in Old Towne. Recently, I consented to do an interview with Jeff Moody, a reporter from the Bostwick Bulletin. He's been bugging me daily about giving him a story on the joys and trials of running a small business. But I know he really just wants to get the inside scoop on the latest bit of murderous lunacy that’s been going on around here. My sister, Rose, should be here since she was knee deep in the whole mess, but she’s away for a couple of weeks. So I’ve got my incredible little dog, Malcolm, with me to keep Jeff in his place. I find that you can’t always trust reporters, can you? 

Jeff Moody: Daisy, you and Rose opened Champagne Taste just a few years ago. How is business? 

Daisy Greene: Actually, very good. We seem to be building quite a reputation for unusual and one-of-a-kind items. We’ve had people come in from as far away as Philadelphia on a friend’s recommendation! And that’s just a lovely thing to hear as a shop owner. 

JM: I guess it would be. So the recent break-ins and the murder of that vagrant haven’t had a bad effect? 

DG: Not so much. In fact, now that the killer has been caught we have been getting a lot of people coming in to find out the gory details. Of course, I usually manage to sell them something and tell them very little, so that’s okay. 

JM: Well, I think we’re all waiting for a first hand account of what went on. You and your sister found the body, didn’t you? How did that come about? 

DG: Oh, well, Rose and I like to walk every morning on a path near our house. We were out that morning and my poor little Malcolm here found that unfortunate man lying in the bushes. I’ll never forget it. It was dreadful. 

JM: So you decided to investigate? 

DG: Well, not really investigate. We're not detectives. But so much was going on in the village. We’d had these pointless break-ins. And now we had a dead body not half a mile from our home. So, yes, we felt like we had to do something. But investigate – I think that’s too strong a word. 

MJ: What would you call what you and your sister did? 

DG: We just listened and watched. We did ask a few questions and we actually found a number of clues, but they more or less fell into our laps. 

JM: Huh. The police aren’t talking, but they do have a suspect in custody. Right?  

DG: Right. 

JM: Can you tell me who it is and did you really catch this guy?   

DG: I’ve been asked by the police not to give out any information. But I will say that while I had a hand in the capture, I’d have to give most of the credit to Malcolm. He stopped that lunatic from aerating me with a whopper of a knife.  And my sister, Rose, is actually the one who put most of it together. And my mother helped. So I’d have to say it was a joint effort. 

JM: I understand that your ex-husband was in charge of this investigation. How did you like working with him? 

DG: Not much. I find that he and I do much better if we simply keep our distance. But we managed to be somewhat civil and, I have to admit, that while he’s a really lousy husband, he is pretty good at his job. 

JM: And what would you say was the scariest moment of this whole ordeal? 

DG: Well, looking right into the eyes of a maniac and knowing I was next on the hit list! That gave me nightmares. I think Malcolm has them, too. 

JM: Speaking of… would you mind getting him off my leg? 

DG: Malcolm, stop that. It’s rude. Sorry. He’s fine, now. He gets a little carried away. 

JM: I can see that. Well, I have to ask – would you consider letting me write the full account of this nightmare in Old Towne? 

DG: Actually, I’m afraid you’re too late. My friend, Penny, has already written it! You’ll be able to read all about it next December when it’s released. She called it Roses and Daisies and Death, Oh My! I’ve had a peek and she did a pretty good job at getting the facts straight. I think you’ll like it.








  1. Well done. Nice interview ... but keep that dog away from me. These are brand new jeans.


  2. Stop that...bad dog...bad dog....Daisy!...Geez....this dog will hump anything that isn't moving...won't it....well; he is a cutie..and I have just the 'girl' for him....come here Cleo....