June 6, 2013

Expanding My Purview

Well, here it is Thursday morning and I've got no idea at all what to write about. I've checked all my groups on LinkedIn looking for ideas. I've asked my sister and my husband. I'm getting a bit panicky. Apparently I have a small, but loyal cadre of followers who look forward to my little musings on a Friday morning. Who'd have thunk it?

So here's the deal. I've decided that a blog about writing needs to encompass a bit more than writing about writing. There is only so much I can think of to say about the actual process. As my book gets nearer to publication I will wax poetic, as they say, on the thrill of being an author. Until then, I think I've covered most of the nuts and bolts of 'finding the time to write'.

I believe that I need to enlarge my - what do you call it? - my purview. Remembering this word took me ten minutes. This is why writing takes me so very long. I cannot remember nouns. I call it noun aphasia. I take comfort in the fact that I am one of many in my family afflicted with this dread disease.
A school girl once more

But back to business. My purview (this is a great word, isn't it?) shall encompass not only talking about the writing process, but also actual exercises in writing. This weekly endeavor is wonderful discipline for me much like a school assignment. Actually, it's exactly like a school assignment. I have a specific time constraint and I'm more or less graded on the content. As long as the stress doesn't get to me and I become a Valium addicted zombie, I should be able to improve my writing skills.

However, I do apologize today. I'm afraid that this particular blog is not one of the exercises that show any meaningful improvement in my writing, but I'm sure it will come if you'll stick with me.

In the meantime, I welcome any assignments or ideas for discussion, any grades B+ or above, and, most importantly, any delicious summer cocktail recipes, in lieu of Valium.


  1. Vodka and coke works for me, Penny.
    Listen to me ... I'm waxing alcoholic.
    Just call me Hemingway – I wished!

  2. Anonymous6/08/2013

    Hmm... What were Radar's writing assignments on M*A*S*H? I remember 1) describe a beautiful scene outside your window and 2) relate an amusing anecdote.

  3. I drove my new Purview over here after waxing a few alcoholics. My favorite exercises are short scenes: put your favorite character into a situation you haven't seen him in before. Or have your character meet someone else's fictional character. (someday I'll let you read Hannibal Jones meets Dirk Pitt & Jack Reacher.) YOUR ladies would have a great conversation with Stephanie Plum.