November 18, 2013

A big month ahead - fully clothed!

Oh my, these next few weeks will be busy ones. Thanksgiving dinner for eighteen. My book launch on December 7th. A Christmas Bazaar on December 8th. And then of course Christmas!

I've got lists and notes everywhere. I've got little notes reminding me to make lists. I've got these lists and notes because I simply cannot remember anything anymore. I cannot remember a six letter word for 'remembrance'. I pace the aisles in Target trying to recall the name of the shampoo I've used for the last ten years. I hurriedly rush to the phone, pick it up ready to dial only to go completely blank as to whom I had to call so urgently.

Like most of the people I know who are my age I live in fear that one day in the not too distant future I will drop in on a neighbor for tea wearing only a sunhat and Reeboks, having forgotten the rest of my clothes. I understand this can be a common side effect once you've entered your 'second childhood'.

And here I wonder as a passing thought if people who prefer nakedness in their dotage are the same people who preferred it in their toddlerhood. Is there a correlation? Because if there is I may be in big trouble. I was one of those toddlers.

My very first memory was of running out the front door of our house on 20th Street, NW just off Dupont Circle, going down the steps, running to the end of the block and boarding a bus completely sans clothing. Kind of cute in a two year old. Not so much now!

At any rate, though things are a bit hectic, I'm looking forward to a great month - fully dressed, thank you very much.

Don't forget the Christmas Bazaar, 12/8/2013 from 10 to 2 at the Columbian Center, Severna Park, MD. I'd love to have you stop by and bring the flyer.

Also, for my Facebook friends, please LIKE my author page which is up and running thanks to my wonderful daughter, Rachel Anne.

1 comment:

  1. You're killin' me!
    Me, one of limited vocabulary.
    You forget "recall" but remember "dotage" and "sans." both of which I had to Google.
    Please don't tell me you forgot that as well.

    I'm beginning to think you are incorporating a disambiguation.

    See you on the 7th.